Enterprise Talent Solutions

In an era of rapidly evolving business needs, organizations are continuously challenged to find, retain, and develop the talent that makes up an agile, resilient workforce. Northeastern, with more than a century of experience working with businesses and nonprofits around the world, can help employers across British Columbia achieve those business goals.

Develop Your Talent

Northeastern’s network of more than 3,300 employer partners worldwide gives the university a deep understanding of today’s talent development needs. We’ll work with your team to co-design flexible solutions to your workforce challenges.

Corporate Programs. Choose from learning and development opportunities in 12 areas critical to every organization, from analytics and digital transformation to leadership and strategy. We offer live webinars, on-demand classes, workshops, and a range of online options in multiple languages to meet the needs of global companies.

Customized Solutions. Find the right learning solution for your organization. We work with you to pinpoint your organization’s strengths and opportunities across a range of talent-building areas, then help you customize a program to support those precise talent needs.

Experience-integrated learning. We integrate experience into your professional development learning programs through meaningful enterprise projects and simulated real-world scenarios. It’s a more powerful way to learn that pays immediate dividends in skilling up talent.

Recruit Top Talent

Northeastern’s experiential learning model gives industry multiple pathways to find and recruit talented young professionals.

Cooperative education. Co-op integrates classroom learning with practical experience, allowing students to alternate semesters of academic study with six months of full-time employment in positions related to their major or career interests.

For employers, co-op provides a cost-effective way to hire, develop, and on-board rising talent. When our students enter a full-time position, they require less training, because they’ve already been immersed in the company’s culture and are well-versed in the organization’s processes.

The Experiential Network. The network comprises some 900 sponsoring organizations that provide Northeastern graduate students—in class and online—with short-term, real-world projects to complement their academic work.

Students typically complete projects remotely over a six-week period, producing deliverables that help the sponsoring organization advance a business priority. Employers gain access to top talent and are able to increase their bandwidth without increasing their budget.

For more about enterprise talent solutions, contact [email protected].