The Vancouver Location

Vancouver’s appeal is recognized time and again through research and reports that focus on a fundamental priority—to continue its meteoric rise as a world-class technology centre, Vancouver needs world-class talent. To drive innovation and growth in its economy, Vancouver and British Columbia are increasingly seeking the brightest and most ambitious students to study relevant programs that secure highly-skilled careers. And those who succeed are rewarded with the opportunity to balance a rich and diverse career with a lifestyle that is second to none, with Vancouver’s outstanding natural beauty and its reputation as a safe and highly diverse city.

We’re excited to contribute to the fast-growing tech and innovation ecosystem in BC and, and join our partners along the Cascadia Innovation Corridor alongside Northeastern’s location in Seattle and companies like Amazon, Microsoft, SAP, Unbounce, Salesforce, and more.

Career Outlook

The best careers are abundant in Vancouver and British Columbia. The BC Labour Market Outlook 2023 forecasts about one million job openings between 2023 and 2033, and 75% of future jobs will require some form of postsecondary education or training. Vancouver is ranked first for fastest-growing tech employment in North America with 9.1% of total Metro Vancouver jobs being tech jobs (CBRE, 2022).

A Global Network

With Northeastern’s development of a networked and global system of locations—focused on fast-growth, innovative hubs that are driven by technology and attractive to entrepreneurs and companies—this is the time to study master’s programs with Northeastern University in Vancouver. Our initial degree programs are aligned with local industry and designed to prepare professionals for roles in these fast-growing fields. Immersed in experiential learning opportunities with local employers, our students develop exceptional relationships with employers well before they graduate. If you want to study, work, and live in Vancouver, choose Northeastern University.